A Note to Directors

So, I just recently saw a wonderful play called The Violet Hour, which is currently playing at the SF Playhouse http://www.sfplayhouse.org and it was thoroughly entertaining. The acting was very well done, the script crisp (I believe it started on Broadway originally) and the set and costumes all were great.
I can only assume that the direction was fine, since it’s very hard to tell where a director leaves his mark on the stage, as it is really an actors’ medium. However, the director was sitting in front of me throughout most of the performance and he ended up being one of the less enjoyable audience members. He would wince at any missed line or dropped bit and I have to say that it was very distracting. It was because I didn’t know when things were goofed and I wouldn’t have except for the fact that he was sitting in front of me makign faces and body gestures.
It’s probably a good thing for directors off all performance art to know, since the audience really is blind to what’s screwed up about your work in general. And let’s be honest, there will walways be things that are screwed up. When I watch my film, I see things that are goofy, but really, most people will never see them, which is why the director should always sit at the back when watching their productions.