A Night Ill Spent

Rogue Ale Film FestLike I mentioned last week, my film screen at the Rogue Ale Short Film Fest on Thursday. I plugged the hell out of it because I really thought that this was a festival that was growing and was getting better. How I was wrong.
While these things are always hit and miss with the quality of the films, it was the quality of venue that really irked me. This place is for all purposes a bar/pub. At the last showing, it seemed there were a good deal of film people there. This one, there seemed to be mostly bar patrons. Naturally, this was probably not helped by the showing starting over a half hour late and running an hour longer than it should have. Super unprofessional to say the least.
Then there was the audio. It sucked. There was what sounded like the good ole 60Hz hum on the audio system the whole time and you couldn’t really hear the films at all. Naturally that was unfortunate. Even more unfortunate was the fact that near the end of my film, some idiot turned on this phase/reverb effect which ran through the rest of the film. The morons running the festival stopped laughing about this long enough to get it turned off for the next film.
Lastly, there were the placings in the contest. Now, I feel that my film was one of four films that should have placed, but there was this one that kinda sucked that got second because I think the guy is some kind of local “character”. If I was beat by the three other films: Filter (excellent, excellent work), The Country, 62 Sleeps (which you couldn’t hear the dialog of), I would have been pleased. To get beat by this other one was just dumb.
Needless to say I think this is my last time showing at this festival, since they seem to be unable to be professional about it.