A New Year and a call to resolutions

Well, it’s here, a new year for all to see. Hopefully this one will see change, such as getting Bush boy out of office and making things in the world a little better, but that is just one of my biggest wishes. For me personally, I hope to be prolific in my creative endeavors and get my film completed.
But for a lot of guys out there, I make an unbiased, unilateral plead. I make this plead to the men who still have ponytails. I ask you to chop them off. Stop wondering if people are pointing at your hair and laughing (yes, they are) stop wondering if the fashion looks good on you (no, it doesn’t) and free yourself of this hell! For the bald men with ponytails, Ben Franklin was the originator of that shiznak and all y’all are just two bit perps trying to imitate, so knock it the hell off and cut your hair short, it’ll look a lot better.
Just remember that that percentage of men who look good with long hair is quite a bit less than the percentage of women who look good with very short hair. And, maybe you should run with the assumption that you’re not one of the ones that falls into the very small percentage. Chop it off!