A New Tea

I just realized that despite my large fascination with tea, I haven’t really written about it in awhile. My tea reviews section is a little out of date with what I’ve been tasting lately, so I suppose I’ll have to go in there some day and update things. Until then, I guess I should mention a new one I’ve tried – Harney Tea.
These are a tea blender that is in New England and seem to have been plying their craft for awhile. Lately, I’ve tried their Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, and Paris blends. Both of the breakfast teas were good. They didn’t come close to blowing my number one (Breakfast Americana) away, but they’re good and I would drink them regularly if need be. I think I prefer the Irish a bit more than the English as it seems to have more body. The English Breakfast is a bit weak for my taste, but I like pretty serious black teas, so if you’re in to the lighter kind, this may be for you.
As for the Paris blend, I have to hand it to Harney on presentation. The tin you get with the sachet bags looks great. It’s a perfect gift to give to someone you want to impress but not spend too much money on. As for the taste, it’s not quite my thing. It’s a tad floral and what not. If you like a somewhat flowery tea, this could work. If you like a more straight-flavored black or green tea, I think it could be too much.
These are the only ones I’ve tried of their’s, so I have a few more to get in to, but so far so good. I’d definitely recommend them as a good tea blender.