A New Site, A New Blog, A New Language

I love launching new sites. I would use some over-zealous phrase like it’s “giving birth to a new child”, but that’s a bit over the top and smarmy. Still, it’s fun to release them on the world and see what happens.
The new site in question is www.elia.ws. Why .ws you might ask? Well, try and find elia dot something that isn’t already taken and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s free. So, this was the best choice and it’s rather fitting since Ms. Elia who writes there is a world traveler and the .ws extension was originally supposed to mean world site. While it was just one of the countless new domain names that ICANN has released in recent years, I find it quite fitting in this instance.
But, who is, Elia? I’ll let you read what she says in her own words. Oh yeah… one other thing I might want to mention… the site is completely in Spanish. This proved to be a bit of challenge, but one that was worth undertaking because you have to get creative with things like month names (MySQL only outputs in English) and non-English characters (UTF-8 is a wonderful thing). Beyond those little stumbling blocks, as long as you have the lovely Spaniard with you to work on the site, it will all come up roses.
So, dust off your Español, or get out your BabelFish and get reading. She happens to have a delicious photos section if you’re feeling linguistically impaired at the moment.

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  1. Like the new site Michael. Do you have RSS feeds? I can’t find them on the page. I have so many blogs and website I check daily now that my only solution has been Google RSS Reader.

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