A Minor Heating

The heat waves always take us off guard in the Bay Area and probably California in general with the exception of Redding has just about the worst weather in the whole country.
I learned accept heat as a way of life living in the Central Valley. Around the end of March you’d start getting some warm weather that everyone loved and was excited to have, but I knew better. I knew that it would quickly turn into a blistering, lurid heat that would choke your throat and leave you lounging and longing for cooler weather. That was just the start though, because around June it would start to really kick in. We’d get some 90 degree days that were pretty skanky. But yet, you could still function. Other parts of the state (which I’ll get to in a minute) would shut down at that temperature. Ah, but that was not the end of it. At some point in August you’d get hit with the Big Wave, the blast of heat that made you wish you had indeed fixed your AC or paid for it in the first place. I remember one summer where the temperature hit 118 degrees. That is insanely hot, especially since it would only “cool off” to 80-85 at night and that was the real catch of it all; cooling off to a hot day during the night.
So, people in the Bay wonder how I can handle the heat better than some, but at the same time, not like it all. Oroville is the reason and summer there was the cause. Now, this is all relative of course, since a 85 degree day in San Francisco really and truly feels like a 105 degree in Oroville. But, at 105 degrees in Oroville, houses were still built, cars still ran, and people didn’t die. It seems that whenever the temperature goes above the quarter century mark in the Bay that everything goes on the blink and it’s random things like traffic lights not working, peoples’ cars not running, buses not working, the underground subway (where it’s still decently cool) not working. It’s whacked yo.
It makes me wonder if there are fault tolerances built into everything in the Bay since the weather is so pleasant the rest of the year. Whatever the case, it’s a little annoying when you find out that the Bart is stalled out somewhere because above ground the weather has reached what, in many parts of the world is considered to be a very pleasant day!