A Mean Wine

There’s nothing like finding your long-lost relatives up in the middle of nowhere in the hinterlands of the Zagorje of Croatia. There’s really nothing wrong with the area and it is in fact quite beautiful, but it’s not a place you’d stumble upon lightly and this hill where my family is from is not a place where you’d just drop in the say hello, since it is very far removed from even the small town of Visnjica where it is something of far removed village of. At some point, I’ll get pictures of the area up in my photos section.
One fun thing though was that it wasn’t just me and my family visiting some people who live on the side of a hill. It was all of us sitting on that hill, getting drunk on some of the best white wine I’ve ever had. I don’t really know what kind of wine it actually is, but it is a truly great varietal. Of course, I was then saddled when three or so liters to take back home, which is going to prove a problem on the flight back since Virgin Atlantic has limited carry on to 12 pounds these days, but I’ll figure out some way I’m sure. Of yeah, ifyou are given the chance to try travarica, be warned, it’s insanely strong–something akin to Tequila with a bit more punch.