A Lot of Nerve

It wasn’t just that the door on our train had problems and held up the train. It wasn’t just that the train in front of us had problems, stalled and had to be taken out of service, thus crowding everyone on to our train. It wasn’t just that once we were in Montgomery, the train turned around without warning (I could have gotten off and walked had I known, damn it) and suddenly became a train going the opposite way that I had to desert and run across the platform to board the other train once we got back to the station we came from. And lastly, it wasn’t the fact that my normally long ride of 35 minutes, became one of an hour and 15 minutes, nor the fact that the pleasure of this costs me $8 round trip.
No, it wasn’t all this that really pissed me off. It’s the fact that the Bart employees think that they can strike for some reason. For some bewildering time now, they think they deserve the raises that management is holding back. But my recent adventures today weren’t anything new. This kind of poor service has been going on for the last six months, but I have little choice other than taking the train as I don’t have a car.
What nerve. What honest to god nerve the union has thinking they can strike now because they aren’t getting paid enough. Those people who sit in the little booth all day (and no, they don’t take tickets, machines do that) make $61,000 a year. They need a raise?!! It makes me ill to think that they’re going to cripple the Bay Area with a strike just to ensure they get raises for a job that they’re doing poorly. And we all know that these costs are just going to be passed on to us in the end, so they’re only hurting the riders who will stop riding at some point. So, think about it before you do it, you short-sighted fools. It hurts all of us and your gains wil most likely come at a huge price.