A Little Trip

I went on a bit of a trip across Amtrak land. Well, the train isn’t the only way to get there, but it’s one of the easiest for me. Sure, it’s takes an hour longer than driving, but it’s a nice trip that a lot of people miss out on.
Someday more people will catch on to the good Amtrak routes through California like the Coast Starlight and the one I take called the Capital Corridor. They definitely take the road less traveled and unlike the contempt that routes on the east coast seem to generate, the ones we have here are quite scenic. In the Photos section I’ve put up a few new pictures or the trip as it passes through the Central Valley wetlands.
I guess that right now the train seems old fashioned and clunky if you’ve got a brand new Hummer H2 to tool around in and burn up expensive gas in. I’m happy to take the route though. Yes, it’s a tad slower and can be off schedule sometimes, but overall, it sure beats traffic and the expense of all that automobile crap.