A Little Math

Yesterday’s post made me think about doing some simple math. You see, you take number of Americans who have died in the Iraq Invasion (causualty total) and divide it by the number of days Bush has been in office. You arrive at a number which is about 1.3. Yes, that’s right, George W. Bush has, on average, been killing 1.3 Americans a day since being in office.
And this isn’t even factoring in the people who died in 9/11 (nearly 3,000) and those who died in Hurricane Katrina (over 1,700) which are both events that happened under Bush’s watch and to a large degree have been found to have been preventable.
On a more postive note, I really need to get my hands on one of those shirts that people are wearing which just say, 01-20-09. Or, in simpler terms, the day that Bush is out of office and whomever is elected in 2008 takes office. Honestly, if someone worse than Dubya gets in to office, I’m moving to Buenos Aires. At least I already know it’s effed up down there.