A Little Help

All right, so running through my site logs, I keep seeing a lot of the same things searched for and I think I should help folks find these things to make their Hudin Experience a pleasant one. Naturally I realize that by posting them here, people will come across my site in searches much more often, but at least they’ll know where to go now.
“hudin” – Yes, this is Hudin. This and this are also good places to find all things that are Hudin.
“barbara hudin” – The American one is my cousin once removed. Her grandmother was also of the same name, but from Croatia. Then there’s the Austrian one who is also related to me, although I’m not sure how exactly. I don’t know too much more about her, but will be visiting in a few months.
“it hudin” – You got me. Maybe you’re looking for the fact that I work in IT (Information Technology) and thusly, you’d want my professional site.
“beth ostrosky & scott stapp” – This appears in various forms throughout the logs and I have no answers on it. I heard about it, found it amuzing, and wrote about it. I’ve no pictures or any real info on the altercation, but it sounded awesome.
“what do germans think of croats” – Being that I’m not actually from Germany or Croatia (although two grandparents are) I can’t really speak as to what they may think of one another. I can say that the Germans I saw when in Croatia were nothing short of astoundingly rude to the Croatians, nearly to the height of being Americans. You might be looking for this article I wrote awhile ago.
“belden taverna” – A nifty place that is part of Belden Place. Or, got to Belden Taverna directly.
“grgur ninski” – I know no more than what I read in tour books like Rough Guides. I do happen to have a shot of the sculpture, here.
“does tazo have caffeine” – It depends on which one. Some do, some don’t. If you’re talking about Awake then oh yeah, you betcha. It’s loaded!
“escobar zagreb” – I know that this is a dead image link for some since it goes to an old spot where I used to have a shot of it. I have actually moved that to here so update at your leisure. It is a groovy place in Zagreb though.
“how-to-be-a-good-dj” – This is a funny one to ask, because if you don’t know, then you’re in trouble. Awhile back, I wrote up an article on my feelings toward the large dearth of DJ’s in San Francisco.
“hudin goran” – Never met the fellow, but I know he’s related to me somehow through the Slovenia line of Hudins that came out of Northern Croatia. Maybe I’ll bump in to him when I’m in Ljubljana in a few months.
“tea consumption croatia” – They really don’t drink all that much of it. You can get it in some cafes and people drink it at home, but overall, they’re a coffee country. A good example is how bad one of the Croatian teas is.
“clausen pickle company” – Man, you write about pickles one time and you’re forever linked!
“irish breakfast vs english breakfast” – Personally, I generally like the Irish blend more than English. It’s got more punch, although the English is more subtle and reserved. Ironic, huh?
“ivana vidovich” – A very nice girl from Dubrovnik who plays a very nice piano. While I’ve linked to her, she has her own site here.
“indy’s zagreb” – I didn’t go inside, but the sign was pretty funny to me.
“bottle anal or ass” – Uh… well… I have no idea how someone came to my site when they were searching for this, but I really can’t help you, sorry about that. There is probably a great deal of porn out there that can meet your needs.

PS – Sorry to put it after that last entry, but Happy Birthday, Sara! Let’s see how 29 treats us, huh?