A Light Coat of Wax

I’ve had a little downtime between project completion dates, so I’ve used it to work on this site a little. Nothing too big really, but the search section has a lot more power now and is more accurate. Probably the best thing in there is that you can search any of the photos on the site. Even as much as I want to give props to my gallery function, I’m seeing that browsing through over a hundred shots of San Francisco is a bit trying. So, here’s the workaround. The only catch of course is that I don’t always write about everything in a photo when I enter it because that would get really old to read, but at the very least, the search will point you in the right direction.
One other thing is the Photos section which used to be the ‘Imaging’ section. I changed the name because A) I had no idea what I was thinking when I thought it would be cute to call it ‘imaging’ and B) Google is a lot happier with it being called Photos. This is evident with searches for ‘bay to breakers 2006’ bringing up that gallery as #12 out of 1.7 million or whatever. It would probably have been higher if I had called it Photos, but still, I’m getting a lot of traffic regardless. All old links will work of course. Thank the maker for the PHP $_SERVER super global and all the goodies contained therein.