A Lasting Image

It’s really amazing how, when someone goes missing, or dies suddenly, is somehow or other extricated from the face of existence in this country that, upon showing their image on the news, it quite often sucks.
You think, “Oh hey, this guy, or this girl is gone. Let’s get the most recent photo.” Unfortunately though, that “most recent” photo is picture of them swilling beer at a party, or trying to mount a horse, or snorting milk out their nose. Naturally, the saddest thing about all this is that, in rememberance of the person, people will often try to crop or edit out some kind of offending subject matter, but it’s hard to show some guy in a good light when he has a smirk the size of a comet on his face as he’s grabbing some woman’s breast and getting a laugh out of it. Ah, but the joke’s on him, as the 6:00 news reports he’s gone missing in the high Sierras and that this is what he looks like.
In a bit of preparation for the that we’re all going to be recarbonized, or dissolved back into this earth at some point, I think it’s extremely critical to get a good, Crap Happens Picture of yourself each year in order to thwart off ridiculed rememberance. Lord knows, I hope I’ve got enough shots of me lying around to stem off the one of myself lying on the sidewalk, passed by a 7-11 in Chico with my friends throwing quarters at me.
I know this may be grim, but it is most afflicting our youth, who, as I know well, have many a photo as I do at some party and they really need to have a quality, non-smarmy, photo done of themselves, perhaps on a six month basis. I mean, do you really want to be remembered as The Dude with all the Beads from Mardi Gras, or the Chick the was Flashing the Dude with all the Beads at Mardi Gras? No, I didna think so!