A Gift

So now comes the time in the point of the story where I talk about a gift. I’m not sure when I received it, suffice to say it seems like I’ve always had it, but I know it wasn’t something given to me as a birthright. My brother had one as well, but has since lost it.
Of what I speak is a nice little finger nail clipper, toe nail clipper, tweezers, file, and scissor set. It’s a pretty neat little thing really. I’ve never had a need to get another one. The finger nail clipper always wants to fall out and you gotta make sure to keep it zipped up so that you don’t lose it.
It’s genuine leather, although I doubt it’s genuine steel. It was made in Korea back when Korean stuff was the bomb. This last statement ties in once again to the fact I have no clue as to when I received it.
Maybe you’ve had one too? I’ve seen them around. I think you can get them in Chinatown these days if you want and you may want indeed. I can’t think of anything short of my garishly colored Leatherman that has been a more useful tool to me. Well, there’s always the good hammer of course.