A generation mostly free of want

There’s a disturbing trend that I’ve noticed in a lot of the youths today in that, they have never been without (whether that be food, clothes, etc.) and so they’re growing up as a generation that has never experienced hardship. While some would say this is good, I say that it is very very bad.
A lack of want in the low middle class and up is something that ended to a large degree with my generation near the tail end of the Generation Xers. My family, while never anywhere near penniless was not rich and I grew up with the very strong virtue instilled in me that food and other things were not free and you had to eat or use everything you were given. I realize that many in my age bracket didn’t experience this, but many did.
My parents’ generation had an even stronger sense of this in them as they were raised by parents who had been both through war and through the Great Depression. Previous to all of these people, there was always want and need and you rarely got everything you wnated or needed no matter who you were.
I bring this up because so many children today are allowed to get away with a lot. Children are wasteful because their parents don’t make them appreciate what they have and what they get. Some may say that this is a sign of good times and prosperity. That isn’t completely true. While it is a fact that the US has a good standard of living, I believe that the lack of need is due to our warehouse mentality in such things as Costco and buying food in bulk. We may have more food now, but the quality of the food is not the best and most everything these days seems to be laced with unhealthy chemicals.
Ultimately, this derth of, for lack of a better word, spoiled children that are being raised are going to be what starts bringing the country down more so than what has already happened as their need for immediate gratification will parlay into them electing officials that only work on what’s happening in the next five minutes as opposed to what will happen in five years. Additionally, such things as obesity, diabetes, and ADD will probably rise as well.
While I hope that I am wrong about this to a large extent, I’ve been seeing the nation moving more towards this lifestyle in the last 25 years as shown in the upswing of children that have ADD, which, while is probably a valid condition in some children, is misdiagnosed as ADD when it should be called bad or lacking parenting.

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  1. You see, son, back in the old days we had to walk 10 miles to school in the snow….

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