A Fine Sign of the Times

Okay, so the amount of jobs still isn’t very good and apartments still aren’t that cheap and let’s face it, things in general aren’t the amazing for San Francisco and the general Bay Area, but there is one thing that has improved greatly. Maybe improved is the wrong word for it, since it’s more of an anomaly that has been corrected.
So, here’s how it used to work. Basically, parking was a huge problem during the dot-com boom. For some reason people were convinced that, upon moving to San Francisco, they had to bring their damned cars from the Midwest, or East Coast, or wherever else all these imports came from. This in turned created a parking nightmare that was something to behold. I remember one time when I was helping a friend move, we had to drive around for an hour and a half before we could even find a driveway to park in, in order to help her move! Now, that’s crazy.
What was even crazier were people who even tried to do street parking. They did this amazing thing of driving up on the sidewalk and just parking there overnight. While this may seem ridiculous, the fact of the matter was, these were all commuters who would be leaving the next morning and meter maids didn’t go around very much at all during the night and when they did, if they really cared, they’d give people a ticket for parking on the sidewalk, which was only about $25. So, as you can see, the risk was slight and the gains (a stupid parking spot overnight) were great.
Naturally, this all ended when the dot-com fallout happened. All of the sudden, you could find a spot again in a “reasonable” amount of time. So, that is definitely a nice plus from the post-2000 days in that we have far fewer grease spots on the sidewalk.