A Few Musings About 30

Now that I’ve had a little time to adjust to my new decade (although technically our counting system would state that you enter a new decade with the ones digit, thus I will be in my thirties at the age of 31) I’ve had a little time to ponder what it all means. To suffice, it means very little.
I know a lot of people make a bit deal about it and I’m really shocked that I’ve spend as many electrons and pixels writing about it here as I have, but in reality not so much has changed. I’m not really one to look back and have regrets so there was little reminiscing about days long past as it seems a lot of folks do.
The only real thing I’ve noticed is now that I have a zero in the ones column of my age, it feels like I’ve started over again and that I have all this space work on projects again. Sure, I’m more mature, blah blah this and blah blah that, but I have to admit things were feeling a little compressed at the apex of 29 and now it seems a little more relaxed.
I can only hope that all my friends who came before me on this and will come after me shortly feel the same way to some degree. That and I am going to shut up about this decade right now and have a slice of pie.