A Few Good Yelps

I use the Yelp a bit. You can see a link to my profile there on the left. It’s the thing that says, “jebus”. Yeah, that’s the one. You can see all 132 reviews I’ve written there, but in short, I’d like to sum up a few of my favorites. Is this a little conceited? Sure, but here we go:
El Farlito
Nan King Road Bistro
Best of the Bay Party
San Francisco
Fenton’s Creamery
Cav Wine Bar
Bargain Bank
So, you kinda gotta look for my little icon there below the location info when you click on the links, but that’s where the business is. Oh yeah, one last great one would be my tales of Ruby Skye. Join and give me some props if you’d like. You can even add me as a friend because we just can’t have enough friends.