A Different Kind of Drunk

Despite the common sense that might come in to play when presented with this scenario; a couple of glasses red wine and a couple of glasses of red wine sangria do not mix all that well. Call it an abomination of the natural course of mixing drinks, but really, they just don’t pair up like you think they would.
So, what’s a bloke to do when faced with this at a nice tapas place like Andalu? Simple, stick with one. If this isn’t easily done because the alcohol keeps changing up, then go with the flow, mix it up and have fun. Do like I did and go from Scotch, to red wine, to sangria, to a couple of pints of Guinness just to see the night out. If you’re lucky, you’ll reach this lovely state of drunk where you feel drunk but yet don’t really feel drunk. I call it the humming plateau. A spot you hit just prior to blacking out. Call it off at the right point and you might find as I did that despite the massive cranking buzz, you’ll wake up fine the next day. I think it’s the Guinness. That’s just a fine beer and it has magical healing properties. Remember that the next time you’re about to get a good bleeding by your village witch doctor and try a Guinness instead.