A City of Wannabe DJ’s

A friend of mine pointed out that there is a minority class in San Francisco which is growing at an amazingly frightful rate, which is the DJ Class.
I have no idea why they all flock here and why they all stay here, since there are far too many spinners in this town already, but they’re here, they’re near, and I suppose we should get used to it. But, I really, really don’t wanna, since listening to a bad DJ, is like getting drunk off Zima (horrible, horrible thing to do to your frontal lobes) and is heavily pain-laden.
I guess that the problem with these guys and gals (yes, many girls are doing it as well these days) is that they think they’re really, really cool and know what they’re doing. As I pointed out in a previous article – here there are some pretty basic mistakes that all these wannabe funktastic musack mastas are making.
Bumping into someone in San Francisco who claims to be a DJ these days is about as common as bumping into someone in Los Angeles who has a screenplay they want to produce. You can’t go anywhere without running into these people.
Now, please don’t get me wrong, there are some superb mizers out there that really know what they’re doing. A lot of them, you can hear for free at Tunnel Top www.tunneltop.com, especially on Friday nights. Ruby Skye also sports a good group who can get a fat, rolling groove resonnating through the club. I have to warn you though, that before midnight, they’ll often have the cheap, wannabe guys on stage to try and warm up the crowd. If you happen to bump into them, be sure you get a Zima from the bar first :)