A Castro Halloween

Unlike past years, the girlfriend and I finally made it to the Castro to witness all that is Halloween down there. It was good to go and see what there was, but it seemed somewhat lacking. Don’t get me wrong, there were a good number of people in costume and a lot of people having a good time, but holy crap, the amount of little thug punks running around was freakin’ annoying to say the least.

The cops, while somewhat fascist in their barricade placements, were doing a good job managing such a huge mess. Of course, the aforementioned shits were doing all they could to yell at and taunt the police, which makes it no wonder they get in trouble with them so much. Of course, anytime a cop would come nearby, they would bolt through the crowd, inevitably knocking in to you, stepping on your feet and just being a general pain in the ass. Needless to say, they were a pain. It seems like a simple measure to do away with this crap would be to enforce a costume-only rule on the place that might bring back some of the flare and soul of the celebration as well as cut down on the idiot quotient.

Speaking of costumes, some were pretty damn clever. While some of the easier to get ones I’ve posted here and here, there were others I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to get good pictures of. One such outfit was the truly tasteless duo who went as the Twin Towers replete with planes crashing in to them and everything. That took some thinking and balls to pull off. I think they might have gotten bounced or something as they were beating as hasty a retreat out of there as anyone could who was wearing a fridge box.

Like I said, I’m glad I finally made it down there, but found a lot of the local festivities around my neck of the woods that occurred over the weekend to be more satisfying.