A Bummy Sunday

As it’s been unseasonably warm for a December, it has naturally brought out many more folks than you would normally see out. As it happens a lot of them are bums and homeless.
I don’t really know why, but they seemed to be congregating in the parking lot of Cala Foods, just hanging out, taking off their shoes and sunning up a bit. It wasn’t the most appetizing of scenes and I was thankful that I was heading elsewhere for my vittles.
Maybe it wasn’t just the sun, but also the moon, which is rapidly getting much more full and thus pulling the nutjobs out of the woodwork. In San Francisco, this means a lot of people as there are a lot of oddballs in this town. You will find yoruself immersed in a babbling brook in incoherence when you walk the streets or take the buses and trains. What is it about the moon that pulls them up?