A Bold New Look

I figured as it had been a bit over a year since I put up the last version of the site, it was time to do a new design to it. That and I also wanted to streamline a good many things which had grown a little long in the tooth, like the Tea Reviews section. What was once just a long, text list, is now a lovely database-driven system that allows for efficient tea information delivery if that’s you’re thing. The About section is also new is not a bit self-aggrandizing, but hey, it’s my site. Just its very existence is preposterous. Other than those two areas that were completed re-work, I fixed up the Photos section a great deal, making it faster and more sensible. Archives also got a re-work, but I’m still not too thrilled about the final result. It works well for now, but I’ll be tweaking with that as time goes on for certain.
So, in regards to what everyone can see, I built the last design when I was still working on my skills to produce a site in complete CSS. The result was fine, but I’ve definitely learned things since then, to the point where this site is XHTML Strict compliant, which is a really great thing to pull off for those in the know. For those that aren’t, it’s a very stringent set of rules for site design that require a great deal of work to follow properly. And here you just thought a website was pretty pictures. Ha, ha…
One the backend which is the unsung hero, I completely rewrote the site from scratch. All the code that drives it was made to use object oriented standards to be more flexible and grow easier if I so desire. Some bits in the database were also hacked out because they made things sluggish. Good riddance I say and hooray for speed. Also, I made significant changes to the administration section, but that’s not something anyone is really going to see. Needless to say it’s much more secure and will be nice for when I travel so that I can keep everyone abreast of all my adventures.
Anyways, enjoy the new layout and as always, Contact me if something blows up on you when you’re using the site.