A Blue Moon Once

Good lord, I couldn’t believe it. On Monday, I had to run up to Pacific Heights for a quick gig and I was running late. As I hit Van Ness, I thought, sure let’s take the bus. It’s let me down oh so many times before, but let’s just take it again and see if it will be the abusive lover it usually is. Amazingly, it freakin’ worked! It was faster than walking and I got to my appointment on time.
For those in that blessed state of existence where public transportation tends to work for you, let me put you in my shoes. You see, I break public transportation. Everything in a system will be running fine and then I meander down to the platform to have it grind to a halt. I’m sorry to all of the rest of you, I really am. I can’t help it, but I really wish I could. I don’t want to break something that I feel we need so badly, but it appears it is my magical power to jam Muni train doors, de-cable the cable cars, kill the buses, and stop the Bart. Amtrak I take no responsibility for and honestly, neither do they. It’s the Union Pacific ownership of the lines they run on that cause all the problems and another reason why our rail needs to be nationalized.
Anyways, I just had to share this moment with you, so we can all remember it together. Now Europe on the other hand, I am the saint of the rails and everything works when I’m there. Maybe this is telling me something?