A Bit More Art

Like yesterday’s post, this one was written in advance since I don’t know where I’ll be exactly. Perhaps on a train between Vienna and Graz? Perhaps yucking it up with Austrian relatives? Perhaps asleep? Quite possibly it will be the later, since I’m currently 10 hours in the future of San Francisco due to folks round here changing their clocks a week before we Americans. Yes, they do this stupid time change as well. We just need to do away with it as a species-at-large.
To keep your eyes interested, you might notice the ‘art’ link to the left. That is there now because I’ve started revamping www.hudinart.com. This is most assuredly a work in progress with much database trickery and coding snafus to take care of when I’m back stateside. It is definitely a code improvement over the old site which was massiveley non-compliant. I think it’s a design improvement as well, but that’s a pretty subjective thing, so I’ll let you think what you want to think about that.
Enjoy a glimpse in to some of the many works by those called Hudin.