A Big Shout Out

I think I’ll close out my recap week on my film project with saying how tough independent film is. You need a lot of support from a lot of people. I certainly had that with the folks I worked with on crew (complete list on the main site – Flamenco_Singer.) You also need a strong cast. That I certainly had and they were all fresh faces to me that worked out well. The last thing you need is money. Well, that’s just a sucky one, since this all came out of my pocket and at an amount of about $2,100. I’ll be paying this off for some time. Let me emphasize that this would have been considerably more if said crew and cast didn’t discount their rates for me or work for free. It’s tough to do that since we all gotta pay the rent, but thankfully folks were willing.
One last thing that helped were the kind business owners who let me use their locations for very, very little money. That helped out tremendously and to be honest, they didn’t even need to let me in there, in the first place. Supporting the local arts (although I still feel weird calling film an art since it comprised of a multitude of other arts) is something that I always commend. Make sure that if you are in the area to stop at Macha Cafe on Sutter at Van Ness or Bocadillos on Montgomery at Washington. Great places. Cool people. And again, thanks to the owners for letting me shoot there.

Okay, with the film in editing, I think it’s time to move on to other things next week, although I’m sure this will come up again as I’m just atitter over the initial result.