A photo finish

Photo by Hudin

For some time I’ve made a rather huge effort to stay on top of updating the photo galleries and what is essentially a photo “blog” on my site. That effort pretty much stalled nearly a year ago with a photo that was from a trip to Menorca. Tasty, yes, but it got a bit old. So, rather than try and catch up with everything, I’m taking the coward’s way out and just shutting down the whole section altogether.

Why would I do such a thing after trying to stay on top of the photos for seven or so years? The simple answer is that in the public space, photography has no worth anymore. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had my photos “borrowed” for use on other sites that just link to the file and don’t even bother to steal them outright. Then of course there have been the occasional requests to use them legitimately, but when I quote a price that’s over $25 but under $100, I never hear back and I assume that they go ahead and use them anyways.

Of course, there’s the Google Images issue as well and while some might say that GI increases traffic to your site, I say that it doesn’t increase worthwhile traffic. Once people see the image and chose whether it’s worth stealing or not, they never come back. All it ends up doing is costing me bandwidth and providing Google with content. Neither of which fall in to the plus camp in my book.

My more grand issue in all of this is that I’ve come back around to the worth of text, and photos merely being something to increase its value rather than being something worthwhile on their own. I say this because I am constantly in awe of my friend Croatian Dinko‘s (as oppose to Bosnian Dinko) photo blog that he updates with quality photos on a regular basis. He does it because he can approach it as something of a hobby. Every so often he makes some money on it, but in reality it’s more for fun.

This is my problem in that I don’t really have that luxury anymore. It’s not that I think my photos are so good that they can’t be shared, but more the fact that beyond the threat of theft, they’re worth more to me in something like the new Priorat guide which I feel has solid textual content but isn’t worth much without the photos to back it up. Had I just put them up for fun on this site, they would have netted me zilch.

Suffice to say, I’m rather sad to take them down and thought a long time about it as shown by how long they lasted up there in a languid state. But, there are too many other projects happening and more in the pipes that won’t let me really do anything with those in the near future. If you were a loyal fan of the photos, you can enjoy my less professional dickings around on Instagram or the account for Vinologue which I contribute to but is mostly E.