A new guide to the wines of Georgia

I didn’t make much mention about the Republic of Georgia last year short of bemusement over how people interpret directions and my ever-present international fixation on toilets. I suppose there were few words written as I spent several months in this country in the Caucasus Mountains and all my text-generating juice afterwards was going in to writing a book about the wines of the country. Well, the Georgian wine guide has indeed finally been released and you can buy it now.

This was one of the more interesting journeys I’ve been on as all previous books were set in Europe, with the exception of South Africa, which, much like Europe, is pretty easy to get around as well. Georgia offers up its own set of unique travel aspects. The first being the language, followed by the alphabet, and then of course the driving. Somehow I muddled through all of it and came out with a book on the other end of things.

This book also marks a large departure from previous works as instead of being a simply a guide, it creates a bit more commentary on the country at large and delves a great deal into the 8,000 year-old winemaking traditions. A place any wine person needs to visit, it is. But it’s more than that as the food is stupendous and at this moment, it’s still generally affordable for someone from Northern America or Europe to visit the place. This will change and in fact, I saw it changing throughout 2016 as more people are visiting the country.

Why did I write a book such as this? For much the same reason as the other previous books in that the first time I went, it was quite difficult to get around and I wanted to have a solid reference to the country as much as anyone else. Sure, you can scrabble together little bits and pieces from around the web, but one of the best sources, I contacted to be a co-author on the book as it needed just that much more oomph to make it personal and speak to the reader instead of just doling out facts that don’t tell you much.

Whatever the case, if you enjoy travel as much as you do wine and food, I can’t recommend enough to hop on over to Georgia as soon as you can and may this guide be most beneficial in your adventures.