A decade rolls on


Some point around this minute, exactly 10 years ago, I wrote the first article on this site which, for anyone who cares to think about it for second means that I’ve been actively blogging here for a decade now. Those early days were full of basic, rather ill-written posts. Even rolling in to 2007, while the technology driving this site had improved, the writing hadn’t.

Thankfully I met an Editor in Chief along the way who almost didn’t even contact me due to the sordid quality of that post I just linked to. She stayed on and has been dutifully telling me when I write typos and my posts are idiotic. Everyone should be so lucky.

In the past I would write these “anniversary” posts every year, but honestly, I got rather tired of that and it was banal. I’m doing this one mainly as doing something for 10 years is often seen as an achievement and while I wrote that first post shortly after moving to San Francisco, this one I’m writing from an ergonomic chair that helps my tired 36 year-old back sitting in front of the keyboard in Barcelona.

Sure, that’s a change and there have been others as well, but there are something like 2,000 articles on this site that you can browse through when you have the time, such as in solitary confinement as again, many of the old ones are crap. Thankfully I’ve improved and I hope to continue to do so or just write less and update the look of the site every so often to give the illusion that I’m doing more than I am, which, I’m not.

As to whether I’ll write a post like this at the 20th anniversary of this site will be less a question of whether this site will still be around and more, if at the age of 46 I’ll give a shit to do so. Happy 26th of September, aka Hudin Day.

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  1. Hey, ten years of doing anything is an accomplishment these days. Most people think 10 hours, or even 10 minutes might be a bit too long to stay on one task. So, blog on, my son, some of us enjoy reading all the little bits of your life.

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