A 90% defense of Peter Shih


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the start up culture of San Francisco and what it’s done to the town over the last 15 years (basically the entire time I lived there after moving from my hometown in Northern California) but at the same time, this whole Peter Shih hate has gotten out of hand.

There are two real issues in his list of hates about San Francisco. The first is that he shouldn’t have made such a dumb comment about the women of San Francisco however true or not true that may be. The second is in a similar vein in that he should have written what he did in a much, much better way as I’m of the opinion that 9/10 of those listicle points are actually true, but no one in SF wants to hear it, or at least hear it so bluntly in a tone of shitfittery. This article is probably something along the lines of what I would have several years ago before I moved in with my Editor in Chief who pointed me in a much, much better direction with the babbling here on this site as well as more professionally.

The responses to this were varied from the always fantastic Kevin at Uptown Almanac (which I still read despite moving out of SF over a year ago) to this very limp bit at a “online magazine” and again, Alan’s rebuttal at UA is far more entertaining.

Again, whether you’re from NYC or not, Peter is right. There are serious, structural problems in San Francisco that cause many of the core problems he brings up (public transit, crazy homeless.) And these days, no one is looking to deal with them as they’re too busy hanging up “Fuck you Peter Shih” posters or retweeting something that they fully haven’t read and there is no forward thinking citizen engagement. Of course none of this is the reason that I left San Francisco, although I’m very happy to not be there anymore, especially as shown by how up in a wad people got in this “America, love it or leave it” redneck approach when someone was just stating their opinion which was then forced to be removed.