Rethinking social media in a nasty(er) world

For some time I’ve been quite adamant about the general uselessness of social media when it comes to the wine market. The “influencers” influence no one except for those they’ve swindled into paying for their services and in general I find the genre of media from a business perspective to have all the worth of … Continue reading "Rethinking social media in a nasty(er) world"... >>

Back alley village mail dealings

There is that general, “Well, shit” feeling when you arrive home and find you missed a package delivery from the post office. There are in fact no words in the English language that can truly surmise this feeling if you live within the 94109 zip code of San Francisco as it means that you need … Continue reading "Back alley village mail dealings"... >>

The 2017 #21D Catalan elections

For those who haven’t been keeping up on the issues in Catalunya, the point we’re at now is that there is a regional election tomorrow on the 21st–oddly enough Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. I suppose we can say that it will only get brighter from this point on but that’s … Continue reading "The 2017 #21D Catalan elections"... >>

The Final Move

Owning a home is one of those “American Dream” kind of things. Like medium-rare BBQ steak, winning the lottery, or having a functioning government that’s not full of demagogues who… wait, wait, breathe… Sorry. A year later and it I still get asthmatic about the situations in the US, UK, Spain, and who knows where … Continue reading "The Final Move"... >>

Movistar vs. Deep Movistar

In some regard I’m thankful I’ve only had to set up an internet connection in Spain three times as it’s always a test of will and you never know which Choose Your Own Adventure path will open up in front of you. With Barcelona, it was our dream to not use Movistar (essentially a state … Continue reading "Movistar vs. Deep Movistar"... >>