6:05 PM SFO Bart Train

Dude… Shut. Up.
I am of course speaking to the most annoying Bart train operator in my nearly seven years of riding the silver and blue bullet.
This guy… This. Guy. This guy is like a clown that goes to childrens’ hospitals. He knows he has a captive audience and relishes in that fact I think, since he has this screaming, horrid desire to comment on every station that you roll in to. He likes to comment and joke around with with long he holds the doors open and who he’s waving to on the platform. He basically subjects riders to a blow by blow account of whats going on in this extremely corny way of his.
I’m sure there are some people who find it cute, but I’ll bet that they don’t ride the Bart much and more than likely, they’re probably fans of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” For me, he is pain. I count the stops until he release me from his clutches. I feel like I want to throw myself from the train despite the risk of life and limb.
Today was extra nasty, since my freakin’ iPod ran out of juice just before the trip from Walnut Creek to San Francisco Powell Station. Normally I can mostly block the guy out without blowing out my ears too much, but today, I was subjected to the full force of stupidity. “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Rooooockridge station is next folks!” The horror… The horror.