2 Days in Paris

Yes, it’s a movie, but it was also how long I spent in Paris. Not nearly enough time to see a city like Paris, but I’ll take whatever I can get of it, because whether Stupid French or Genius French, it’s a city I love.

So, what do you do in two days of Paris? Unfortunately not a lot. Museums are out because most are anywhere from a half day trip to multiple days. Chilling in cafes can only be done quickly or you can blow the whole time you’re there doing that. So, what’s that leave? Walking. Lots and lots of walking.

There really is no better city for casual strolling because unless you want to see scores of tourist sites (in which case take the Metro), you won’t regret using your own two feet. We traveled up and down areas north and south of Seine. We covered a great deal of ground to which I’ll someday post the corresponding photos. Do I feel like I missed out on anything? No, nothing whatsoever. I ate great food while there and met up with friends. I even saw the Eiffel Tower which I had missed on my last trip. Missed isn’t really the right word, since it was never a “must do” on my life list, but I saw it, just didn’t go up in it since the lines were insane. Maybe the next time, maybe not.

This is a pretty general article and there’s a reason for that since I started keeping notes for ideas on articles and have a huge slew of them that I hope I can get through in a timely fashion…