21st Century Post Office Boxes

So, have you tried to get a PO Box lately? I have and let me tell that you I’m happy to say, because of 9/11 they’ve really tightened up the process. No wannabe terrorists are just going to run out and get themselves a PO Box now, no sir!
I’m not exactly sure what a terrorist would use a PO Box for. Perhaps to send and receive boxcutters or anthrax? You got me, but I am ever so happy to say that our goverment has really cracked down on this weak spot in the system. I mean, Post Office Boxes, who ever knew?!!
If you do happen to need to get one of these elusive items, be prepared to bring two forms of picture ID, some kind of recurring bill statement from your address, your checkbook, and be prepared to wait while they do some kind of check on you to see if you’re worthy of the Box. In my case, it will take something like two weeks before I find out if I am indeed worthy.
Living in an age of fear and apprehension is interesting. It really brings out the duminning in a society.