2008: Year of the Wet, Plastic Dragon

The Chinese New Year Parade was this last Saturday and of course, being the ever-so-vigilant San Franciscan that I am, I was there, taking photos and getting everything I needed to write the blog article that you’re now reading. Naturally, I am not alone in this, as San Francisco is the navel of the blogosphere, but the fact that you’re reading this and not one of the other thousands (or at least reading it along with the other thousands) of articles about it, just warms my big loving heart somehow.
Anyways, aberrant musing aside, the parade kinda sucked this year. Last year was great. There was no rain. There were crowds and crowds of people and it was a good time that was so good that it made it hard to get off the few photos that I did. This year, there was no problem getting a good view of the parade and thusly, I have a much more full 2008 Chinese New Year Gallery for the viewing. Unfortunately, getting these shots meant slogging through a lot of rain and cold. There were a good number of people out there with me, braving the weather as well, but none of us were happy about it.
The parade seemed somewhat empty overall. There were these large gaps between groups and floats that led me to believe that some groups must of pulled out at the last minute due to the rain. Then of course, those whose stayed and were in charge of some dragon dancing, covered their dragons in plastic, which definitely mutes a lot of the appeal of the dragon.
And that was about it, just two hours of firecrackers and people, looping through the city. Oh yeah, there was also these guys, the Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band which had annoyingly weaseled their way in to the event somehow. I suppose it was to prove that this is San Francisco, they can do this, and yes indeed, marching bands are really, really gay in the end.
2008: Year of the Wet, Plastic Dragon

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