100 Teas Reviewed. It’s Time for a Tea Giveaway!

If you enjoy tea, then you should read my Tea Reviews section. If you don’t enjoy tea, you should still take a look in there and see if my cutting edge style percolates some kind of interest in the leaf.
Anyways, reviewing tea was something I never really set out to purposely do. I just threw together a page one day in March of 2005 listing a variety of teas that I’ve had. If you’re curious, you can see this older version, here. While it was something that I had been tossing around doing for awhile, it was a previous co-worker who suggested that I make a page, since he realized that he (and others) were always asking me what tea I’d suggest, since I seemed to drink a lot of them; about 5-6 cups in a typical day.
That single static page got rather lengthy at some point and thusly begat a database driven system to catalog all my teas with a rating. Then I adding in company info. Then I added in pairings. It’s pretty much taken on a life of its own and looking back on it, I’m pretty surprised how far it’s come. In fact to date, there are now 100 teas and 17 tea brands in there. And while I don’t get paid for this, it resulted in making it a lot easier to pitch the Mighty Leaf Travelogue series that myself and #1 Fan did last year.
That being said, the samples, the boxes, the tins and everything are getting out of control. I don’t even know how many random teas there are around the apartment now. But because of this, I want to open up a tea sampler giveaway. Entering this giveaway is simple: leave a comment on this article. If you’re up for it, write which of my reviews you like the best to be eligible for a runner up prize if you’re not the lucky sampler recipient.
Once this article slips off the main page (that’s about 5-7 days from now) I’ll randomly, unbiasedly, and super scientifically pick someone from the comments to ship a sampler of a whole bunch of different teas to, which is going to be interesting and maybe introduce people to stuff they never had heard of or tried before. So, leave a comment, take a chance, and hopefully some leafy goodness will be coming your way soon. Just make sure you put in a valid email for your comment, or I’ll have no idea how to reach you if you win.

Well, the giveaway entry time has passed and the grand prize winner is leiche with the consolation prize going to Michelle. They’ll be getting their teas shortly after which point everyone should hit them up for a cup.

100 Teas Reviewed.  It's Time for a Tea Giveaway!

20 Replies to “100 Teas Reviewed. It’s Time for a Tea Giveaway!”

    1. Cool giveaway! Brilliant idea!

      I think your post on Search of Better Boiled Water, 04 19 2007, is very useful. I am always on a lookout for information on water for tea.

      Good blog!

    2. hey nice blog!
      free tea!….music to my ears…foam to my mouth :)

    3. Hehehehe, as if I don’t have an obscene amount of tea already… but count me in on the draw. It will inspire me to bag up some of my own extras and send out to friends and newbies on Teachat. Great blog!

    4. ineeka tea bag review was refreshing. It usually gets some mixed reviews other places since the markup is pretty steep, but you get an “airtight” box, some unique and easy to use steeping bags and the tea was pretty good. The lemongrass green and chamomile herbal have been outstanding. It was actually one of the gateway tea products for me from going from Republic of Tea bags to loose leaves.

    5. Mighty Leaf has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. Great tea.

    6. I want to enter! Hooray tea!

      And my favorite review is definitely Tazo Tea’s “Om”: “I have no idea what you call it other than a whacked out, space age green tea that knows it’s all that and takes no prisoners.” Hilarious and a perfect description!

    7. Interesting blog! I enjoyed reading through all of your reviews! I’m into darjeelings right now, so I poked through them and my favorite is your review of Ineeka’s darjeeling :) Congrats on reviewing 100 teas!

    8. I’m totally in. I really like your ‘review’ of the Croatian tea, Franck.

    9. Been reading your blog for a little while now.

      I really enjoy the mighty leaf reviews but overall I just really enjoy your blog.

    10. Count me in, please! Since you asked which review I liked the best rather than which tea, I have to pick the review of Franck Tea’s Fruit. I hope never to drink it, but it’s amusing to read about.

    11. How can I resist? What a terrific, generous idea!
      And the offer has drawn me to your blog, which is a treat in and of itself :-)
      {trundles off happily to do some hudin-reading}

    12. I’ve had some time to poke around and I think your review of the Mighty Leaf Spring Jasmine because it is basically my thoughts exactly.

    13. WOW! Very impressive stash thats for sure!!
      I enjoyed your reviews on Mighty Leaf tea helped me in ordering my first green tea

      thank you!

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