1,000 Little Hairy Ones

Well, actually, the proper Slovenian curse is “100 little hairy ones” as it literally translates. I learned that one and “baptized Matthew” on a train from Pragersko to Ljubljana. Those are a couple of their regional curses, but I think they lose something in the translation to English, kinda like “sacred blue” is sorta weird when you take it out of the original French. They’re really nothing compared to Slavic insults and curses as you head further east. Check out Insult Monger if you want the mean ones, especially the Russian ones, which are super freakin’ harsh.
But, the purpose of this wasn’t to outline cursing in other languages. It was more to point out that when you properly count all the pages on this site, there are over 1,000 now! I know it doesn’t seem like it, but when you consider that each article (all 565 of them) and image (all 305 of them) has their own page, you can understand how this happened. It’s pretty cool when you think about how massive this thing has gotten since I started working with it about two and a half years ago. It will grow even more shortly once I get the gallery function running for Photos. With the pile that are there, this is something I realize is really needed at this point.
Keep on, keepin’ on.