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DO Alella

by  |  08-08-2016

DO Alella is the smallest of the Catalan DOs, even more so than, DO Pla de Bages with it having just over 300ha of vineyard land. Like other... more »

DO Catalunya

by  |  01-08-2016

This is one of the more curious denominations of origin in Spain as DO Catalunya not only cover most of the territory of Catalunya but it also sits... more »

DO Pla de Bages

by  |  26-07-2016

A very, very small DO in Catalonia (and even more so in greater Spain), Pla de Bages is often overlooked. With only 15 cellars in total, it’s understandable... more »

DO Tarragona

by  |  23-05-2016

Admittedly, DO Tarragona is not one of Catalonia’s more well-known DOs. Part of this is that few of the wines produced in the region garner a good deal... more »

DO Conca de Barberà

by  |  09-05-2016

The appellation of DO Conca de Barberà is another one of the Catalan regions that doesn’t often see a lot of attention. Being in the interior, about an... more »

DO Cava

by  |  25-04-2016

Cava is Spain’s very well-known sparkling wine but unlike sparkling wines from Champagne or Prosecco (to which it is often compared) the appellation of DO Cava is much... more »

DO Costers del Segre

by  |  18-04-2016

DO Costers del Segre doesn’t see a lot of love in the press generally. It’s Catalonia’s most interior DO and is the only DO in the Lleida Province.... more »

DO Penedès

by  |  23-03-2016

Being one of the closest regions to Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona has opened up DO Penedès to no end of enotourism. It is in fact the most visited wine... more »

Support “Uvas Veloces” and get tasty Grenache wines

by  |  18-03-2016

For those who don’t know Verkami, it’s startup based in Catalonia that, while something of European take on Kickstarter in the US, has it’s own angle, specifically in... more »

DOQ Priorat

by  |  14-03-2016

As one of only two wine regions in Spain to gain the very exclusive “Qualified” adjective in its official name, it’s no wonder that their wines are known... more »