We want to let our readers know that we’re ending the use of Facebook as a media channel for articles. For anyone who has been using Facebook to stay updated, we’d recommend signing up to our Newsletter.

The Newsletter is an email we send out 2-3 times each month and it contains news of all the latest articles, reports, and tastings from the site. Each newsletter also opens with a message from publisher, Miquel Hudin, discussing recent developments and themes in the wine world. If that sounds interesting, please consider subscribing as we’re constantly expanding and growing it.

As to why we’re no longer using Facebook, the answer is quite simple: we don’t trust it. The company and its actions have consistently shown that they’re a bad partner in holding anyone’s data. They track you wherever your go, listen to your conversations and, as shown in the spread of erroneous information, they’re solely concerned about profit over all else and are even if that means being responsibility for inciting violence. If you need yet more proof, have a look at this long read.

This isn’t a company we wish to have anything to do with and as shown by a marked decrease in user interactions originating from Facebook during 2020, it seems many of you don’t either.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” social media entity currently but out of the major ones, Facebook has done the least in attempting to combat the ills of the medium and has shown itself to be far from a balanced platform. We’re happy to bid it farewell.

We hope to see you in the growing ranks of the Newsletter and share all that’s wonderful in this world of wine!


4 responses to “An end to Facebook”

  1. Andy Shott says:

    Bless you!

  2. Same for Amazon? Horrible employers.

    • Miquel Hudin says:

      I try to avoid Amazon as much as possible. Really just use it for stuff that’s hard to get at it, living in a village in the interior of Spain.

  3. Ken Rupar says:

    Miquel, I see that you are still using Instagram, which, as you know, is owned by Facebook. Is there a difference?

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