Scoring wines

These days, the most well-known scoring systems is that of the Wine Advocate created by Robert Parker. So synonymous is his system that they’re generally called “Parker Points” and are for better or worse what many people use it to score wines. Of course it’s a bizarre system given that wines are rated from 50-100 points but so it goes and the 20 points system isn’t much better.

While points based on the 100 point system are listed for those who want it as reference, the focus is primarily on the “Vinologue System”. This comes from the wine books and is based on three stars. If a wine is graded to have zero stars, you won’t see it reviewed here as it’s deemed faulty.


An excellent, top-end wine of the region that is worthy of note and possibly enjoying on its own, cellaring, splurging, etc.


A very good wine, but just short of being one of the absolute top wines of the region. Elegant and well-made, wines of this score often represent an excellent quality/price ratio.


Nothing mind blowing, but nothing bad about this wine. Well-made with no defects and perfectly fine for everyday, enjoyable drinking.


This wine will likely improve with more time in the bottle

This wine will likely weaken with more time in the bottle


A wine that offers very good value for the price.