January, 2011

This site was launched as a subsection of Vinologue called, “The Crush”. Despite this launch date, there are archives from other, older sources that were incorporated as well. Over the next two years, the content grew considerably, beyond the scope of a simple publisher’s blog, and into a publication of its own.

June, 2012

“The Crush” (which was a bit of a stupid name that also was used by a BBQ blog and every second podcast in existence) was broken off from the main Vinologue site and renamed, “Enotourist”. It was created with the intention to be a portal/blog for wine and enotourism and this format initially functioned well as the site continued to grow.

Septebmer, 2014

The name “Enotourist” wasn’t ideal for a blog that was becoming a proper news source for wine and added in to this, it also didn’t load well on mobile phones. The site was changed to “Wine on VI” and given a mobile-friendly theme. The “VI” in the name is of course the Roman numeral for 6 as in “wine on six continents” as well as play on vi meaning “wine” in Catalan as Catalan wines are a main regional focus of the site.

January, 2016

To mark its fifth anniversary in the site was completely overhauled to use a theme that works better on the mobile devices which is how most people read blogs and news these days. Other aspects were also reworked to make it more clean and elegant as well as served on a white background with more photos in each article. The scoring system was also overhauled.

February, 2019

We are now at the 8th anniversary of the website and thus, the address has now been changed to hudin.com with another revision in the works.