Catalan Wines

The Catalan Vi Novell class of 2022

by  |  07-12-2022

It’s time yet again to take a look at the vi novell from Catalunya, the very first wines from the latest 2022 harvest. You’re undoubtedly thinking, “Hold on a baguette-jabbin’ minute. The French cornered that... more »
Photo from Kyiv Food & Wine Festival's Brave Wine

Wine & the War-Life balance in Ukraine

by  |  21-11-2022

Much like all other aspects of the country, Ukrainian winemaking is going through extreme times. The 2022 vintage has been one of the best of the previous decade--according to those who were able to harvest... more »

Cul de Cuvée 12-11-2022

by  |  12-11-2022 ~ 4 Comments

A bluntly-curated selection of absolutely random recent bits from around the wine and drink world served up "mostly fresh" for your enjoyment. If you ever thought, "I really enjoy reusing my teabags until their spent,... more »

News from the OIV

by  |  07-11-2022

Due to all things pandemic (yeah, it's still here...) the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) had canceled its annual congress for two years. Now in 2022, they've picked it back up with the... more »

New massive wine fraud case tried in Bordeaux

by  |  30-10-2022 ~ 2 Comments

It has been reported that on Thursday, 27 October, five people were tried in a court in Bordeaux for the falsification of 34,587 hectoliters of French wine (equivalent to around 4.6 million bottles). The wine... more »
Photo by DOP Cebreros

DOP Cebreros hits a noteworthy milestone

by  |  28-10-2022

Most regions in Spain celebrate the end of the harvest with a deep exhalation and a press release celebrating the quality level (always Very Good or Excellent). There is also usually a smaller note about... more »

Sherry gets its newness made official

by  |  24-10-2022

There exists something of a "reg lag" when it comes to changes to European wine region laws. Folks in the wine community will often hear quite big changes announced and it seems that all is... more »

The three-year anniversary of

by  |  15-09-2022 ~ 2 Comments

Greetings and welcome to yet another yearly celebration of this site's full founding just three years ago! These yearly moments allow us to have a look at where where the site has been going over... more »

Torres grows in Galicia

by  |  05-09-2022

The winemaking family Torres doesn’t seem to do anything small and has recently announced that they’ve purchased Bodegas Valdamor in Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain, a 3,000 square meter facility that will allow greater expansion of... more »

An update on the Ukraine charity auction: a Priorat tour

by  |  29-08-2022 ~ 1 Comment

Back in March, when I was interviewing Anna Zahorodnya, the co-owner of Terra de Marca in Penedès who is originally from Ukraine, she told me, "If this war is over in say, six months, people... more »