I’ve written about Caucasian Dreadlocks before. Maybe people find this article when searching for “how to dread” or “white dreads” or “why does everybody point at my hair and shake their heads?”. Naturally joking about the last one, because as you can see in the comments section on that page, white folks who dread their hair are extremely insecure about it and feel like they have to prove me wrong in my opinions to validate their nappy choice. Some of the comments are funny because they even assume that I’m not white (and yes, I am) so I have no right to judge. In the big scheme of things, it’s true, people have the freedom to do what they want, but so do I and I can state that I find this hairstyle and the lifestyle that is connected to it nearly 100% of the time to be completely asinine.

But, I am not here to simply bash the hairstyle with words. I am here to offer some visuals to illustrate my point. I think that the photo below is a perfect item. We have a fellow in Barcelona (where these types seem to congregate in large masses these days) who is wearing said dreadlocks for the white man. Check him out with his scraggly little beard, his scarf that is from some indigenous peoples somewhere, the dreads, and then the best part, a set of Armani glasses. Yeah, nice one. All hipped-out with glasses from a big fashion retailer, made in China by underpaid workers. I’m more of a humanitarian than this.

Caucasian Dreadlocks are Alive and Well in Europe