How to save the children and survive the Congo while joining a non-profit/NGO that fights AIDS and empowers citizen media campaigns to grow malaria awareness as God intended by ultilizing the power of capacity building

Photo from this truly brilliant The Onion bit There are many things to be gained from these days of internet connectivity. The ability for me to find a distributor in the US & Canada for Vinologue and send them all the information they need to sell my books in a country on the other side... read more >

Moritz Barcelona plays a numbers game

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m more of a wine or cocktail kind of guy, but I have nothing against beer. In fact, I’m very pro-beer when it comes to local brewery, Moritz if for no other reason than the fact they have some of the most creative marketing people working there that I’ve... read more >

A journey through trademarks

I recently received notice that with the simple multiple clicks of a mouse, scratching my head multiple times, and paying several hundred dollars to the US government (which my grandmother, regardless of whether asked or not, would emphasize that Obama was going to waste) that my trademark application for Vinologue has been approved. Now, all... read more >

Thanks a boatload for the evil, Google

I woke up this morning to find, upon checking my RSS subscriptions that apparently Google is killing off Reader. This was something of the last shred of “clean design” that Google had. It was (is for another three months) a great way to pull your blog and news RSS subscriptions together and read them simply,... read more >