And the wine tours begin

And so we come to that point in year when making a little trip to Spain is on the mind for many. I know this because I live here and because, as shown by the throngs of groups in Barcelona I saw today, tourists have indeed arrived en masse–and this is just the start. While... read more >

The universal numbers one and two

I grew up in an era that introduced the low-flush toilet to the United States. This change fully came about in 1994 which happened to coincide with a complete bathroom remodel in my parent’s home. Being decently ecologically minded and faced with no options, we bought one of these new toilets and quickly realized that... read more >

Turkish Airlines holds it together

Prior to my recent trip to Israel, I had never flown on Turkish Airlines, but after experiencing them this first time, I would definitely go again. Long ago I reserved myself to the fact that air travel sucks. It’s uncomfortable (especially for the long legged of us), it’s tiring, the services on board are fewer... read more >

Tel Aviv airport doesn’t mess around

I was recently invited for a wine tour of Israel by a group called Kinetis whose aim is to promote the other side of Israel not covered in the evening news that consists of the innovation and culture that emerges from this small country on the eastern side of the Mediterranean which has had nothing... read more >