How to save the children and survive the Congo while joining a non-profit/NGO that fights AIDS and empowers citizen media campaigns to grow malaria awareness as God intended by ultilizing the power of capacity building

Photo from this truly brilliant The Onion bit There are many things to be gained from these days of internet connectivity. The ability for me to find a distributor in the US & Canada for Vinologue and send them all the information they need to sell my books in a country on the other side... read more >

White people fix everything while on vacation

It infuriates me to the point of exhaustion and pure frustration when campaigns such the one that Invisible Children is running develop legs and become popular. In this instance, they’ve put up a 27 minute video about the evils of Joseph Kony. If the name isn’t familiar, he’s a piece of crap from Uganda who... read more >

The other wines from down under

While living in Ivory Coast, there came a point where I needed a break from the constant humidity and power cuts to go somewhere that didn’t have the same amount of hours for day and night; ie non-equatorial. As it turned out, cashing in a small wad of airline miles was going to get me... read more >

Americans really need to get out of Africa

Your standard-issue American child saver in Africa… I’m not a terribly huge fan of organized religion. It doesn’t matter who it is or which branch of whatever it may be, it generally tends to result in violence or oppression or something else bad instead of people just following The Golden Rule and getting on with... read more >