I will never be a Jeffersonian

Naturally, I came across this rather surprisingly strong move to try and split up California in to six new states on the BBC. That says something about where you’re getting your American news although this article on Vox has more to add to it as well. It should be noted that there is nothing terribly... read more >

Today is Snack Day: Freeway Cola

Bottles of brown carbonated water typically get a pass from me, especially after reading this but you have to admit that Lidl’s “Freeway Cola” is intriguing, primarily the “freeway” part. It makes me wonder if drinking it emotes being on a freeway, destination unknown, windows down, diesel fumes flowing, and bugs hitting your exposed skin... read more >

The C-153, up the dominguero hole

Given that “domingo” means Sunday in Castilian, a “dominguero” pretty much translates to a “Sunday driver” or “weekender” in English. I don’t particularly like using loan words from Castilian when talking in Catalan and have been trying to push for “diumenger” but so far had few takers. The option of “pixapí” or “pine tree pisser”... read more >

Three cylinders of raw power

Life is chocked full of tasty experiences and buying a new car ranks up there alongside shaving mainly in that it’s a process you’ll probably have to experience at some point in our modern society unless you manage to live all your life in New York or some other megacity in the world where car... read more >